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A Better Maple Ridge is a diverse team of candidates that believe City Council should work together for all the people of Maple Ridge.

For Mayor:  Dan Ruimy

For Council:  Korleen CarrerasSunny Schiller, Onyeka Dozie and Jenny Tan

We believe in:

Affordable Housing and Responsible Development

  • Building the infrastructure people depend on like recreation centres, child care, shopping, and transportation routes
  • Building urgently needed affordable housing and creating livable communities

Better Transportation and Strong Local Economy

  • Making sure Maple Ridge has access to every available dollar from Provincial and Federal governments and nothing is left on the table
  • Supporting local business by developing a thriving economy and vibrant downtown

Inclusive Government and Strong Relationships

  • Doing politics differently to create a positive, engaged, and action oriented city hall
  • Transparent decision making to help residents get the most from their tax dollars


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Our priorities for a better Maple Ridge

Affordable housing and responsible development

Cities around the world are struggling with housing affordability and homelessness. We need a new approach to housing that leaves no one behind. 

Expand this section to see our plans for housing. 

When we form council one of the first things we'll do is bring together a housing roundtable with developers, community services, and housing advocates to inform policy decisions and help design liveable communities.

We'll also: 

  • work with federal and provincial governments and community stakeholders to ensure a continuum of affordable housing options including rental units. 
  • prioritize approvals of apartment and townhouse developments within a 15-minute walk of Haney instead of at the city limits. This financially responsible approach ensures residents benefit from more services for their taxpayer dollars.

Better transportation

Traffic congestion is a growing concern in Maple Ridge, and we are underserved by public transportation. By building complete neighbourhoods with services, schools and shops, we can reduce the number of trips taken by car. And with the growing use of bikes and e-mobility options, we need to plan and build safe cycling and pedestrian routes that improve the safety of school zones and feed into expanded rapid transit options.  

Expand this section to see our plans for transportation. 

  • advocates with Translink for Maple Ridge to be included as a pilot city for the 2050 Bus Rapid Transit program and expansion and funding of bus service. 
  • continued development of Maple Ridge’s Strategic Transportation Plan with a focus on safe commuting for school aged children.
  • collaboration with ICBC, RCMP and the city's engineering department to address known traffic safety hot spots of recurring concern.
  • relief of traffic congestion issues by exploring options for adding arterial routes, implementing traffic calming measures, and working with the provincial government to alleviate traffic flow on Lougheed Highway.
  • land-use decisions that allow residents to enjoy complete communities with services closer to home, reducing our need to drive long distances for daily needs.
  • smart development that includes safe active transportation routes, to support the growing use of bikes, and electric mobility devices.

Facilities & recreation

Maple Ridge is growing quickly and recreation facilities aren't keeping up. People who live in Maple Ridge should be able to enjoy their leisure hours here too. 

Expand this section to see our plans for recreation. 

When you vote for A Better Maple Ridge, you're voting for: 

  • a new accessible recreation and aquatic facility to accommodate our growing population.
  • the end of pay parking on the weekend and bringing back one-hour free parking at all City facilities, including City Hall, the library and the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre.
  • new ways to recruit and retain staff to operate our aquatic centres, facilities and community programming.

A strong economy

A strong local economy is essential to our vision of Maple Ridge as a complete community where residents can live, work and play. 

Expand this section to see our plans for the economy. 

Our plans to strengthen the economy of Maple Ridge include:

  • revitalizing the downtown core to make the area more inviting for recreation, families and businesses.
  • investing in infrastructure to enhance and expand Sport and Culture Tourism. 
  • promoting and investing in Maple Ridge agriculture and agri-tourism. 
  • fully participating and supporting the post-secondary review, and implementing any recommendations. 
  • work with the provincial government to create more child care spaces.

Engaged & supported community

Council decisions can't happen in an echo chamber. Maple Ridge residents must be actively engaged in policy and planning. 

Expand this section to see our plans for engaging the community. 

As your representatives on council we'll ensure your voice is heard by: 

  • reserving a seat for a youth representative at all City of Maple Ridge committees. 
  • reviewing City of Maple Ridge committees to ensure citizens have opportunities to participate in a meaningful way and council is using the advisory committees in a way that actually informs decisions. 
  • reviewing public input and engagement opportunities and exploring new opportunities for citizens to engage with council and city staff.
  • expanding city-supported festivals – Pride, music festivals, and community-base festivals such as Albion, Haney and Hammond.

Climate action & sustainability

We understand that urgent action is required to reduce carbon pollution in Maple Ridge, and we are excited to get things moving. 

Expand this section to see our plans for climate action. 

Once elected, we pledge to: 

  • create a Climate Action Advisory Committee to oversee the creation of an overarching Climate Action Plan, with specific goals and targets. The plan is to be developed through consultation with the community and actions identified will be carried out in an integrated manner by each City department.
  • oversee the creation of an overarching climate action plan, with specific goals and targets. The plan will be developed through consultation with the community and actions identified will be carried out in an integrated manner by each City department. 
  • expand infrastructure for active transportation, including sidewalks, streetlights, and safe road infrastructure for people who walk and bike.
  • introduce an Urban Forestry Strategy, which other municipalities such as Coquitlam and New Westminster already have, to increase tree cover and reduce the urban-heat-island effect in Maple Ridge. 
  • require all new buildings to provide electric charging infrastructure that is plug-in ready. 
  • Adopt the BC Energy Step Code.
  • expand infrastructure for cyclists, including secure parking and electric charging. 

Good governance & relationship building

We believe that a strong, collaborative relationship with all levels of government, including our First Nations neighbours, is essential for Maple Ridge to thrive. 

Expand this section to see our plans for good governance. 

When elected, we will work to restore harmonious, constructive relationships with the provincial, federal and First Nations governments. To do this we will: 

  • Seek opportunities to work together and create a stronger relationship with Katzie First Nation, Kwantlen First Nation, Golden Ears Métis Society, Fraser River Indigenous Society, and other Indigenous groups.
  • maintain an open and collaborative approach to projects. 
  • create a 4-year strategic plan and include public review and input opportunities. 
  • add land acknowledgements to the beginning of official meetings. 
  • work together to create a stronger relationship with Katzie First Nation, Kwantlen First Nation, the Golden Ears Metis Society, and the Fraser River Indigenous Society. 

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